A Healthy Approach to Dating

Just role with it, and don’t worry too much about what the other person is up to. You never really know what’s going on when you can’t get a hold of them, so why be pessimistic?


Hello Blogosphere!

My name is Marla, and I’m starting a blog. Why you might ask? For a couple of reasons actually…

1)   I’m a sales and marketing professional in my mid-20s and I’ve had a pretty interesting career so far. From driving Safari Trucks at Walt Disney World to starting my own business, it hasn’t been boring yet!

At the moment, I’m in the middle of a career transition because of a company reorganization. They saw me doing one thing, and I see my career going in a different direction. As I work through job interviews, negotiations, further education, and reinventing myself as a young professional, one of my colleagues said I should share my experiences in a blog. So if nothing else, this is for you Penny!

2)   I’m a young professional who travels all the time for work, recently bought a house, and just married my college sweetheart. I have a lot of thoughts and even questions on how to achieve this mythical “work/life balance,” so I’d love to start a conversation with people who are going through the same things in life or have been there before!

3)   I’m taking the #ZeroToHero challenge! Lots of great ideas and recommendations for getting a blog up and running on this blog. So I’m joining the challenge.
I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

That’s pretty much it. In this blog I’ll talk about what it’s like to be a young professional today, I’ll share tips and life hacks I learn as I go, and I may or may not include some random posts on ballroom dancing. (Full disclosure: my husband and I love to dance! Even though we’re not professionals by any means, we’re almost always one of the first folks on the dance floor at a wedding!)

That’s it for my first post! More random thoughts and comments coming soon.