Sunshine Award

sunshine-awardSince I just started my blog about one week ago, I am very excited and humbled to receive the Sunshine Award from thatmadmuslimah, an engaging storyteller and creative writer that I follow. (You can check out her stories here!).

My understanding is that the Sunshine Award is given to blogs that inspire you, that have creative content, or blogs that are a ray of sunshine in your day.

This blog really started as a way for me to explore the career and life changes I’m going through at the moment, and if anyone is benefiting from and enjoying the content that’s on here, I’m glad! It looks like my mission is more than accomplished 🙂

There are a few tasks to complete if you accept the award. And here they are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. List 11 interesting facts about YOU!
  3. Nominate 11 other blogs to receive the award.
  4. Announce the nominations to the nominees.

So hold onto your proverbial hats folks! Things are about to get interesting!

11 Interesting Facts about Marla:

1) I’m an identical twin. True story!

2) When I’m not working as a Digital Marketing Specialist, I am an amateur competitive ballroom dancer with my husband, Michael.

3) I can speak fluent English and Spanish, and conversational Italian.

4) I’ve been in the opera chorus for 2 professional opera productions (Samson & Delilah and Don Giovanni)

5) I can turn my tongue into a clover

6) I have hiked the Inka Trail to Macchu Picchu!

7) I used to work as a Safari Driver at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. (So I got to hang out with Simba all day!)

8) I started and successfully ran my own business at the age of 23

9) I’m teaching myself how to play the Ukulele

10) I would pack up and move to Tuscany in a heart beat if anyone offered me a job there

11) I learned how to drive stick shift on a tractor when I was 14

The 11 Nominees

1) Notes by Natalie

2) Maldives Dreamer

3) The Human Rights Warrior

4) Write Meg

5) Freedom Power Joy

6) Trapped in Paradise

7) Cross My Heart Kiss My Elbow

8) Just Visit Siena!


10) Wild Skies

11) Why I Left My Job

This is a very diverse array of blogs, but all of these folks have some really great and interesting content. Check them out when you have a second!

And thanks again to everyone who’s reading my posts and contributing to the conversations. I really enjoy reading your comments and I only hope that the content here continues to inspire and intrigue you!

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